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Scorpion Season Two Episode 1 – “Satellite of Love”

September 21, 2015 9/8c

Season Two of Scorpion premiered Monday, September 21st 9/8c on CBS. The cast and crew of Scorpion live tweeted during the east and west coast premiere. Click their names below to see their tweets! If you have not yet seen “Satellite of Love” do not click the links below!

If I have missed a tweet (click on “…” of a tweet and it expands down to reveal a list of links to click. Click “Copy Link to Tweet”. Copy it and you can email me the URL) or news article please contact me and I will add it to the page.

Note: Check back in the next few days as I am adding more tweets. I wanted to get this up as fast as I can for you…

*Updated: 9/27/15

Cast and Crew Tweets

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Robert Patrick

Elyes Gabel

Katherine McPhee

Jaydn Wong

Ari Stidham

Riley B. Smith

Nicholas Wootton

Scooter Braun & Friends



Gene Simmons



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