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August 24, 2015

To celebrate Season 2 I am counting down with the 22 episodes of Season One.

seasontwocountdownOn August 30th, it’ll be 22 days until Season Two premieres (On Sept 21, 9/8c). To celebrate I will be counting down with the 22 episodes of Season One! Each day I will be posting content to Scorpion HQ and to twitter at Scorpion_HQ.

Each day correspondents with an episode (so Day 22 will be Episode 22 of Season 1, Day 21, Episode 21 etc.) When you visit the countdown page, hover over the day and click link to reveal special content! (Content to be posted starting August 30th)

If you are a member of the cast and crew of Scorpion and would like to submit content to be posted for the countdown (Perhaps behind the scenes photos, small blurb for an episode etc)  you can email me directly or fill out this submission form.

Please specify what day / episode you are posting for. See below for posting timeline. Thank you so much in advance for participating!

If you are a fan and would like to submit art please feel free to submit via the form.

Celebrate with me by posting to twitter and keep checking back each day!

Countdown Timeline

August 30 Day 22 (Episode #22 Postcards from the Edge) September 11 Day 10 (Episode #10 Talismans)
August 31 Day 21 (Episode #21 Cliffhanger) September 12 Day 9 (Episode #9 Rogue Element)
September 1 Day 20 (Episode #20 Crossroads) September 13 Day 8 (Episode #8 Risky Business)
September 2 Day 19 (Episode #19 Young Hearts Spark Fire) September 14 Day 7 (Episode #7 Father’s Day)
September 3 Day 18 (Episode #18 Once Bitten, Twice Die) September 15 Day 6 (Episode #6 True Colors)
September 4 Day 17 (Episode #17 Going South) September 16 Day 5 (Episode #5 Plutonium Is Forever)
September 5 Day 16 (Episode #16 Love Boat) September 17 Day 4 (Episode #4 Shorthanded)
September 6 Day 15 (Episode #15 Forget Me Nots) September 18 Day 3 (Episode #3 A Cyclone)
September 7 Day 14 (Episode #14 Charades) September 19 Day 2 (Episode #2 Single Point of Failure)
September 8 Day 13 (Episode #13 Kill Screen) September 20 Day 1 (Episode #1 Pilot)
September 9 Day 12 (Episode #12 Dominoes) September 21 Day 0 (Season Two Premiere)
September 10 Day 11 (Episode #11 Revenge)
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